NFTize your business services

Launch your own collection of NFTs with real utilities that your users can purchase:
premium services, discount access, beta testing, product crowdfunding, etc.

Almost any service you can think of is NFTizable

Create your NFT store with access to services in minutes

Buy NFTs with real money
(euros, dollars, etc)

You will be able to use your favorite blockchain to register the NFTs

Install GADA API and set up your NFT store in a matter of minutes
Our technology allows your buyers to not have to leave your website to buy, sell or enjoy their NFTs and without any knowledge of blockchain.

Primary market

When a creator launches his collection of NFTs to the market, after having uploaded to the blockchain, the primary market is created.

Secondary market

Once the minting has finished, the new owners of the NFTs they may resell them on a secondary market.​


Get our NFT and enter the new digital world