NFTs: the Real Estate revolution

NFTizing purchase contracts in off-plan homes offers many benefits to both the developer and the buyers, speeding up and optimizing all processes during construction and commissioning.

Allows the registration, traceability and immediate transmission of its units 


Housing data recorded on the blockchain

All information about the new home is part of the NFT

Increases asset liquidity

By tokenizing (turning into an NFT) the asset, it becomes liquid as well as reducing transaction and administrative costs.

Speed ​​up transactions

The purchase or sale of a property, in minutes.

Royalties - Earn money on every sale

The creative promoter company will automatically commission a percentage of that transaction.

Fractionalize NFT ownership

Fractional division of the property.

Division of profits

You can determine what percentage of the profits will go to each

Auctions the easy way

Different buyers will be able to bid on the house in a simple way, raising its price and attracting new potential customers who are left out of the bid to buy other homes.


It is a digital asset, so you can borrow against it using finance. decentralized (DeFi)